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Mitsubishi's Warranty is the Best in the Business

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How much do you know about warranty information in Myrtle Beach for your Mitsubishi Mirage, Outlander Sport, or Lancer?

You may know that, in general, all new vehicles come with some sort of warranty coverage to protect the buyer or lessee from unexpected repairs. But did you know that your Mitsubishi comes standard with one of the industry's best, strongest, and most comprehensive vehicle warranties?

Add in the competitive low prices on stunning new Mitsubishi models like the Mirage G4 and the Outlander, and you can see why these vehicles offer some of the best values on the market…

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When Is It Better to Finance Than Pay Cash for a Car?

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There are many ways in Myrtle Beach to get a new (or new-to-you) car, including buying or leasing, financing a used car through a local bank, buying from a private seller, or even getting a hand-me-down vehicle from a family member.

But if you've saved up a few thousand dollars, and you're ready to trade up to a different car--or buy your first car--you may be wondering if it's better to finance a car or pay in cash.

Both offer some benefits, and both require a little bit of compromise.

It all comes down to what's…

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Time for A Tire Rotation?

Car tires eventually wear down with time. The first noticeable difference is the tread. Tread can get weak on an individual tire because of heavy travel. It happens eventually to every tire. Is it time for a tire rotation?

Driving a car with bad tires is unsafe. It's just not smart and it allows you to be susceptible to accidents. A tire could eventually blowout with too much wear and tear. It's important to get your tires looked at often. It should be part of every maintenance check. It doesn't hurt to ask a service department about…
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Safety Takes Effort

Being a safe driver takes effort. You need to be attentive and always scanning the road for potential hazards, and other vehicles. You also need to expect the unexpected, like small children, animals, debris, pedestrians, and cyclists. You never know when you will be "surprised" by an unexpected occurrence on the road. There could be a spill, the car in front of you could have a blowout, or pretty much anything else could happen. So be prepared and always keep your eyes on the road. The more time you have to react, the better. You never want to follow the…
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How to Decide Between Buying and Leasing

Getting a new car can be a very major investment and important decision. When getting a new car, people may have a hard time choosing between buying and leasing a new car. To make the buying process easier, there are several factors that should get considered, which should make your decision easier.

The first factor to consider is how long you expect to have the car. If you like to own cars for a long period of time, it would make more sense to buy the car. However, if you like to get a new car every few years, then…

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How Can I Actually Tell If My Tires Are Worn?

Other than a general inspection, a good way to determine if your tires have gotten really worn is to use a tread gauge. Since many of us don’t have access to a tire gauge, there is an old trick to determine if a tire is worn or not that works quite well...

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